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גירסת מובייל

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The Anti Money Laundering Experts 

​The ever-growing economy and blossoming of innovation, technology, and startups in Israel, have opened the doors of opportunity to many businesses and corporations, especially in the financial services and Fintech arena.

According to The Floor fintech startup hub in Tel Aviv, at least 430 Israeli fintech companies are developing products for needs ranging from digital banking to fundraising.

Compliance and Risk Management- An integral part of business structures

The innovative developing and preliminary planning of a financial corporation’s infrastructure is certainly the primary stage in a business’ creation.
However, it definitely doesn’t end there. As the advancement of disruptive technology continues to threaten and ultimately dismantle the traditional financial industry, so has the danger of illegal and fraudulent activities become more prevalent. As a result, many western countries including Israel have imposed stringent regulations and security measures on these new Fintech initiatives.

​With the implementation of Israel’s 2000 Anti Money Laundering Law and its consecutive AML orders, all corporations providing financial services are obligated to designate compliance officers to handle all AML responsibilities, ensuring full embedment of the regulation requirements into the company’s processes. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that financial companies investing in Israel’s exciting market establish proper compliance and risk management processes prior to engaging in business.

MITIGATE | complying with local and international standards

MitigateCRM is dedicated to professional and stringent Risk management and Compliance services. Our services encompass all aspects of a corporation’s legal and risk concerns. We help protect your company from unknowingly facilitating both local and international violations including money laundering, terrorist financing, securities fraud, cross border bribery and more, enabling it to preserve its good reputation and its stakeholders avoid potential criminal or administrative liability.

Staying focused- leaving compliance issues for the experts

Due to the unconsolidated nature of the political regulatory structure in Israel, where different financial activities may be subject to different licenses and designated regulators, our compliance experts will help you to clearly and accurately define the regulatory boundaries of your financial activity, characterize your risks and relevant regulation requirements and provide adequate end to end tailor-made solutions such as policies & procedures infrastructure and training to staff to insure in-house compliance, design onboarding and ongoing KYC processes and tools, build risk classification methodology, advise on screening & reporting solutions and much more. Above all, we provide continuous support and consultancy to the company and its stakeholders, using our extensive banking experience and knowledge. Our mission is to take legal and compliance concerns off your mind, thus enabling you to focus on your corporation’s business plan, and successfully reap the fruits of Israeli Fintech.


Under the guidance of Israeli born Idan Levy, founder and CEO, a qualified Company Director and a certified commercial Credit Officer, MitigateCRM has assisted many universal financial companies and startups place their flag in the Israeli economic soil. Idan uses his over a decade old compliance managerial experience in the world of banking and financial services industry to provide unappalled and uncompromising compliance services & solutions for all sorts of financial corporations, catering to the individual needs, nature and expectations of financial companies around the world.


Your key to success in the startup nation lies with the professional compliance experts at MitigateCRM – let your people check it out – you can thank us later.

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